Behold! The Monolith Merch.

 Behold! The Monolith now have T-shirts (featuring art by myself) available for their new album. Go grab one today by visiting their official blog! 


I am now starting mail-orders for my limited edition prints of some of my recent art, specifically my work for death metal supergroup, Bloodbath*. These high quality prints are printed on semi-gloss photopaper and are limited to 100. They are also individually signed, titled, and numbered by myself. When they are gone, they are GONE.

I have the following prints available:
Unblessing the Purity (11x14) - $25.00
The Fathomless Mastery (10x24) - $30.00
Humwawa, Lord of Abominations (11x14) - $25.00

Shipping/​Handling in USA by Priority Mail - $10.00
Shipping/​Handling for International - $15.00


All orders are done on a case by case basis and handled via email (please use the "Contact" form at the top of this page). Thank you for your interest in my artwork!

*Note: These prints are NOT officially licensed products and contain no logos. These are not endorsed by Bloodbath or Peaceville, but permission has been granted to sell these prints from both parties. 


Shout out for Armando D. Munoz...

Here's something that I really want to plug. Armando Munoz, who's been a good friend of mine for around 11 years or so, has an article about his work on Fangoria.com...and on the mainpage no less! Armando and his Eek Entertainment brand have been making filthy, disgusting (not to mention hilarious) short movies for years now, but it seems that he is finally getting what he deserves: mainstream recognition! 

Check out the article which has lots of pics, an interview, and 2 trailers!


Behold! The Monolith...

Here's my latest painting for the band, Behold! The Monolith. This was easily one of the most fun paintings I have ever done. It was a wild concept from the band and I just ran with it to the best of my ability. As you can probably guess, I was listening to heavy amounts of Manowar while painting it....


Album covers, comic books and metal fests....

I'm happy to say that I am extremely busy at the moment! I currently have a lot of projects going on that will take me all the way up until probably July or August. The best part, they are all completely different and it's always nice to spice it up with different stuff.

First and foremost, I am still working on my album cover for Behold, The Monolith. I've been twittering about this a little bit, but just to update it is moving very swiftly and it's looking badass if I do say so myself. I don't want to say much about it, but if you like Manowar's old Ken Kelly album covers, you should dig this one. I should be wrapped up with it in a few weeks, so check back here soon!

Next on the list, I am doing a logo for Minnesota MetalFest which is being put on by SwordLord Productions. This one should be a pretty quick design and I expect to be finished with it by the end of May or so. Expect nothing less than completely Satanic! It just wouldn't be fit for a metal festival if it wasn't.

Finally, I am happy to announce that I'll be working with my good friends Freedom Drudge and Josh Wagner as the colorist for their new comic book project. I gotta keep all the details secret at the moment, but in the meantime, if you haven't read Fiction Clemens or The Adventures of the Imagination of Periphery Stowe, I can't recommend them enough. 

That about wraps it up for now. Next update will contain art, I promise!