Notice anything different? 

The site now has a ton of new features that I am really excited about. For starters, my blog and my website are now one and the same. No longer will you have to leave the site to check out my most up-to-date news. Believe me, I know the old site's "news" section was pretty wimpy, so I am beyond happy to be rid of it. The gallery has also been completely restructured and is (hopefully) a lot easier to use. If you just can't find that one piece of art or blog entry that you wanted to see again, check out the new search feature! It actually works really good, unlike a lot of searches I have used on some sites. Finally, I have updated my FAQ to address a lot of the questions I have been getting over the past year regarding album cover work.

While blogspot fulfilled it's purpose, I am now moving in a direction where I just need a lot more from my website. It needs to look more professional, it needs to be a lot cleaner, and it needs to be easier to update. I think I have achieved those goals with this new design.

I hope you like it and thanks for checking back!


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