"Six Feet Under: Graveyard Classics III" artwork revealed!

Metal Blade has just released the artwork for Six Feet Under's next album, which I did the artwork for. It's a little small, but here's a larger sized one here so you can see it in all it's glory. Also, if you like the band or the artwork itself, please grab a T-shirt as well!


Interview for Peaceandcarats.net

Recently, Kevin McDade of Behold! The Monolith asked me to do an interview for a blog that he is contributing to and it was posted here today. Peaceandcarats.net is a relatively new blog site that focuses on music, art, design, and people. Please show a little support and add them to your favorites if you like what you see!


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a a year-round thing for me, but I was in the spirit and did this little guy for fun. Don't forget your razorblades! Happy Halloween!


Cover announcements.

I guess I spoke too soon on my last update. I won't be able to get to Lamashtu just yet, as I have been asked by the band Whitechapel to do their next album cover and layout. This will be a pretty major project for me as it is not just one cover, but multiple interior pieces as well so I have to make it my priority. Their concept is very grisly and epic, so I can't wait to start on it!

In other news, I can't show it quite yet but I recently finished up the cover to Six Feet Under's next album and am really looking forward to showing that one as soon as they officially announce it. I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for Chris Barnes and the other guys at Six Feet Under, so I am honored to have worked with them.

Next update will have some art in it, I promise!


Lamashtu, She Who Erases....

The next painting I will be working on will be another Babylonian demon, this time a female...the demoness Lamashtu, great rival of Pazuzu. Lamashtu is described as being a mixture of lioness and donkey features, riding or kneeling upon a donkey, suckling a pig and a dog on each breast respectively, and holding twin-headed snakes in each hand. She is known as the demon of miscarriage and would steal babies from their mother's wombs in the night and then eat them. 

Personally, I find that one of the biggest goldmines of visual imagery ever and I can't wait to start working on it. 

In other news, I do have a major album cover announcement coming soon for a rather notorious death metal band. I'm really excited to announce it, but naturally I have to wait until the band does so first.

Keep checking back for the full details on both!