New Etsy Shop.

One thing that I have heard from people who I meet at conventions is that they wished there was an easier way to order prints online. I'm not particularly that tech-savvy, so integrating a cart into my website isn't something that I am really able to do, but with the popularity of Etsy, I figured that was a decent compromise. It's got carts, it links up to my paypal, and it shoots me an email whenever someone orders something, so I think that should work out just fine!

So happily, you no longer have to trudge through writing me an email just to inquire about a print. If you see something you like...just order away!

Here's the link to the Etsy shop, and it will also remain permanently off to the right as well.

I hope this works out for everyone! I thank you for your support and advice.


RIP Ronnie James Dio, 7/10/42 – 5/16/10


Today Ronnie James Dio, legendary vocalist of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven and Hell passed away.

I can probably count on one hand the amount of celebrities that mean enough to me to be truly sad about if they died and Ronnie James Dio is one of them. I've been a fan of his music and his message as long as I can remember. 

But for me it isn't just about a couple of songs or throwing the horns. Ronnie James Dio unknowingly got me through some of the hardest times of my life. When I struggled with joblessness and debt and my motivation to create had dwindled to almost nothing, his music helped pull me through. His lifelong dedication to heavy metal inspired me to not let my talents go to waste and to keep pushing even when I was uncomfortable. 

A true legend has passed and I am thankful for everything he's done for me.

RIP, Ronnie James Dio.

-Dusty Peterson


Sketch Dump.

I added quite a few pieces of artwork to the Sketches section. Mostly it's just a few things that I have drawn while on the bus or while waiting for takeout, so nothing too elaborate. Either way, I hope you enjoy them!


Six Feet Under T-shirts.







These are two t-shirts that I designed for Six Feet Under's European tour.  They obviously wanted the skull theme present, but other than that it was up to me to come up with something cool. Hopefully, I succeeded! This will probably be the last bit of art I'll be able to show for a few months, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I have a lot of sketches lying around that I am going to upload shortly to help bridge the gap. Until then....


Six Feet Under and other projects

Just because I haven't updated the site in over a month doesn't mean I'm not hard at work! I actually have a lot of stuff ready to show off, but as with all things I have to wait until they are publicly shown by the people that bought them. That said, I can at least talk about them a little bit...

Something I just recently finished is a couple of T-shirts for Six Feet Under for their upcoming European tour. If you are familiar with the themes that are usually present in Six Feet Under's merchandise and albums, you can already get a feel for what they will entail. Also, they've asked me to continue doing their album art to their next studio album which is pretty exciting for me. I've talked about it a little bit in the past, but when I was a teenager deep in the heart of wheat country, USA, there wasn't many avenues to be exposed to death metal. The radio at the time pretty much played 90's alternative and the heaviest thing I listened to was Megadeth or Ministry. At the time the entire idea of the death metal growl was completely alien to me. So when I saw bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel on a Beavis and Butthead tape (don't laugh, I'm not that old) that I borrowed from a friend, it immediately resonated with me. Those bands were the only death metal I knew about, and I considered Chris Barnes (ex Cannibal Corpse, now Six Feet Under vocalist) the voice of death metal. 

So it really is an honor for me to be working with him again on multiple projects. And he's also one of the nicest people I've worked with, too, so that's always a good thing. 

Other than that, I have a couple of other bands that have contacted me about doing album covers for them, but I am unsure about when they will need the art and I haven't started them yet. So, unfortunately, it is a little too early to announce anything there. 

Finally, I have been acting like a proper artist a little bit more lately and bringing my sketchbook with me everywhere I go, so I will have a huge dump of sketches to show very soon once I get around to scanning them all.

That's it for now!