Labyrinthe Cover

Here's a cover I did for the deathcore band, Labyrinthe. It's for their new album, "Puzzle of Flesh". As you can see, the cover design is fairly literal in that sense. We wanted to keep it fairly simple for budget reasons, but I still wanted there to be a strong focal point, so I removed and offset the center piece so you could see the fleshy bits beneath. I hope you enjoy the artwork and if you are a fan of deathcore, check out their samples!


Holiday Print Sale!

Until 2011, I am have a 25% sale on all of my prints (which mostly takes off the shipping price for all intents and purposes). After this sale is over, there won't be another sale for quite a long time as I'll be refreshing stock with new prints and moving into the convention season. So if you have been holding off for whatever reason, now is the time to grab one! If you've never seen a giclee' print before, they really have to be seen to be believed. Visit the store, HERE and use the code "BLACKXMAS" for the discount. (paypal account required).

Information about the prints:
These prints are fine art quality (giclée) prints and are printed with archival inks. The paper is a Lexjet semi-matte (similar to photo-paper) and is roll-able, but durable. 


Goofy sketches.

Of course, I know the reason everyone comes to this site is for the evil album cover artwork. But sometimes a guy has to let his goofier side show. If you haven't checked out the "Cartoons" section in a while, give it a glance! I've been adding a lot of my "Dustyverse" warm-up sketches in there. Some of them are even safe for your kids to view. 

I've been enjoying making these enough that I may even do a branched off website in the future of some kind. Whether that is a web comic or something like that is still undetermined, but it's a possibility either way! Hope you enjoy!



Final piece of Contagion.

Tuesday, November 9th is the day Oceano's new album, "Contagion" comes out. Since I made quite a bit of artwork for this album, naturally I want everyone to go check it out! Here is the final piece that will be featured in the packaging. As you may well be aware by this point, "Contagion" is a concept album and each painting I made for Oceano was a small glimpse of the tale that is told in the lyrics of the songs. In this piece, the government-led force that created the virus in the first place is gunning down the result of their experiments. 

As far as other projects go, things are ever busy on my side. I have done a lot of merchandise for Six Feet Under that should be making it's way online soon and I'm currently working on an album cover for the band, Labyrinthe. And to round out 2010, Behold the Monolith have asked me back for a second time and I'm very excited to get to work on that. There's more stuff I have on the horizon next year so keep checking back.



More Contagion Art.


Here's another piece of artwork that I did for the interior packaging of Oceano's upcoming album, Contagion. I talked about it a little bit in in the press release that went out and it occurred to me that I haven't even posted it online yet. If you go to see them in concert during their support for Contagion, be sure to check out their stage scrims, as this image was blown up and used for their stage show. I haven't seen it myself, yet, so if you have pics send them my way!

Also, remember that Contagion comes out in about a month, so make sure to pre-order a copy HERE. Finally, they are currently on tour as part of Corruptour with Whitechapel, Impending Doom, Miss May I, and I Declare War.