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It has been a long while since I updated the site with some art so I figured I would offer an explanation as to what has been going on in my life this summer. For starters, my wife and I bought a house! It's a beautiful house in the woods on 5 acres of land and we really could not be more excited. It really is the most inspirational place to be an artist - out in nature. So I, for one, am very excited about creating some new art soon.

Unfortunately, it did mean that all creative activity hit a standstill over the last 6 months. Other than a few cartoony doodles here and there, I just have not had the time to do anything. There will be a piece or two being released soon for bands, but everything will be few and far between until next year.

I don't really want to get into any specifics (as I have shot myself in the foot announcing things too early before), but I definitely have some nice projects coming up.

That said, next year I am going to be attempting some new goals. The metal band art will be taking a bit of a sideline in my life while I focus on these new goals and, of course, adjust to being a home owner. It doesn't mean I won't be doing any work for bands, but it does mean that I am going to be a lot pickier. I get a lot of emails with a lot of interesting concepts every week, but it will be hitting a point here soon where I have to just say "I'm sorry, I am not interested in this project at this point in time". I want any future people to know that if you write me and I say that, it is nothing personal. I just have other artistic areas that I would like to get into besides heavy metal art.

Thank you for continuing to check back! I'm certain I'll have some exciting things to post soon!


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